This is one of my very first commercial work.
I directed it with Francois-Xavier Goby and it was produced in France with Mr Hyde (by Amelie Couvelaire)
This is a film about a man with giant legs. He decides to make the best use of his legs by taking his kids on a journey around the world. 
The approach was to achieve a feeling of painted postcards with a warm/rich color palette. The pace was built in a way that would enable the audience to travel with the characters enjoying the beautiful landscapes.
The film was created in Paris with a small crew of great guys (Big thanks to François Caffiaux, Thomas Wagner, Charles Blanchard, Remi Gamiette, Kevin Franczuk, Pascal Charrue, Sebastien and special Big Up to Jerome Lionard !
And here is also below a 30 seconds cutdown from the agency. It's always interesting to see how to cut those type of project in half!
ANd here are some illustrations for the print campaign!
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