Project in Australia, produced by XYZ Studios. A month of production in Melbourne, lovely and super talented people, wicked XYZ studios it's been a huge pleasure and I can't wait to work over there again!

We find ourselves in an inverted world based on an Australian phenomenon where families place customised stick figures on the back of their cars, cleverly called "my family stickers"!

Director: Mat Landour
Creative Director: Scott Lambert
Copywriter: Scott Lambert
Art Director: Lyndal kearney
Art Director: Scott Lambert
Copywriter: Jenny Mak
Executive Producer: Katie Mackin
Planner: Kathy O'Connor
Head of Broadcast: Tania templeton
Group Account Director: Simon Hornery
Account Director: Janine Allan
Music + Sound Production: Song Zu
XYZ Art director: Auver Cedric Austria

The whole lovely team at XYZ, done by crazy talented cedric Auver Austria
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