This project was part of a collaboration between Partizan Uk and XYZ Studios. I collaborated with Celeste Potter as well in order to create this crazy film back in 2013.
Only 3 weeks to make it, from pitch to end, I have to say they was a lot of work and only a bit of sleep! But once again, working with a highly talented team is always key for this type of craziness, and all the people involved at partizan, from production to crew, were so dedicated and creative that they made it happen!
Partizan Producer: Henry Scholfield
Partizan Production Manager: Alex Halley
Partizan Production Assistant: Leo Green
XYZ Studios Producer: Katie MacKin
Agency Producer: Ciaran Bennett
music by:Brains&Hunch
Sound mix: Wave
Technical Director/Generalist: Manuel Ruberto
Modeller/Generalist: Alex Stratulat
Generalist: George Humphris
Rigger: Hao Cai
Rigger: Jaime Fernandez
Animator: Scott Harrell Bono
Animator: Toby Winder
Animator: Matteo Sanna
Animator: Paul Rice
Animator: Martyn Smith
After Effects Compositor: Gavin Watton
After Effects Compositor: Paul Cheshire
After Effects Compositor: Duncan Worrall
Nuke Compositor: Rachel Wright
Nuke Compositor: Naveen Shukla
Matte Paintings: Andrew Brooks
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